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Feel good about the well being of your dog and planet

dogOdogOrganics:  offering         Healthy and           Friendly
                              USDA Certified 100% Organic products for your dogOdog!

Earth Day is Everyday at dogOdog!  We are Eco-Conscious and GREEN in every way from start to finish.  All materials and ingredients used in our products are sourced from USDA Organic suppliers in the         .

dogOdog’s packaging materials are also sourced and manufactured in the USA:
We use kraft paperboard boxes for the biscuits that are reusable and recyclable, as are our gift boxes that are made from recycled paper.   The stay-fresh cello bags in the biscuit boxes are made from sustainable wood-cellulose bio-film bags that are home-compostable. 
All paper wrappers, hangtags and cards are also made from recycled paper. 
They are printed with non-toxic soy-based inks and are recyclable.


Visit us at www.dogOdog.org     Creating a collective environment by providing a forum to
explore, educate and discuss inspiring and thought
provoking ideas about the physical, mental and
spiritual health and wellness of you and your dog with an
emphasis on supporting the rights and humane treatment
of animals and to enrich and protect the well-being
of our planet.
Peace Love dogOdog.org

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