Play Tug Chew Tory, 100% Organic Cotton
Feel good about the well being of your dog and planet

        Healthy and          Friendly Play-Tug-Chew-Toy great for teething puppies
and playful dogs!

Durable, long-lasting, safe and natural, 100% Organic Cotton braided bone-shaped
Play Toys are made by       in the          .

US Certified 100% Organic Cotton is biodegradable,
chemical and pesticide free, unbleached and untreated.


SMALL size measures approx. 7” long.  Perfect for little dogs up to 10 to 12 lbs. that are
light chewers but like a good game of fetch or hide and seek.

MEDIUM size measures approx. 9”-10” long.  Great for growing, teething puppies and small
to medium size dogs weighing from 12 to 35 lbs.

LARGE size measures approx. 12”-13” long.   For medium to large playful dogs who are big
chewers that weigh from 35 to 75 lbs.

If braid becomes ripped, torn or loose - simply trim away pieces and re-knot if necessary.

Machine wash, gentle cycle in warm or hot water only.   Do not use detergent.

Do not let your dog ingest or swallow any pieces.

To insure safety, supervised play is recommended.

Tested and Approved by      

Play Safe and Have Fun!

peace love dogOdog